Thank you for your support

I am excited for the opportunity to serve you and the Addison community. I need your continued support and hope you will consider putting a sign in your yard or business and lend your name to our campaign and show your support publicly. To host an event or a no cost speaking engagement, please contact CJ’s campaign manager, Kim at

Save the dates to cast your vote for CJ Comu:

  • Early voting is April 22 through April 29 at Addison Fire Stations 1 & 2.
  • May 4 is election day.


I would like to host an event to introduce CJ to my community

I would like to show my support and put a sign in my yard or display support at my business

I would like to show my support and add my name to your supporters list

CJ Comu for Addison City Council is a paid political campaign approved and paid for by CJ Comu.