DALLAS, TX – December 4, 2018

CJ Comu, EarthWater Founder & CEO will be a VIP guest of Sheikh Tahnoun Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of The Royal Family of Abu Dhabi and will present EarthWater www.earthwater.com at the New York City Investments & Partnerships Meeting hosted by Bervann Capital from December 4th- December 7th 2018.  https://dec4-meet-investors-nyc.eventbrite.com

About CJ Comu

CJ Comu is a 25-year professional corporate veteran creating, mentoring and operating numerous private and public companies as Chairman/CEO.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in building, funding and operating business ventures globally with a track record of over 100 companies he has counselled and/or served as Director. Mr. Comu is Founder, Chairman & CEO of EarthWater Ltd, a manufacturer of health and wellness beverages sold in 121 countries around the world through their partnership with Amazon.   To learn more visit www.cjcomu.com


About EarthWater

EarthWater Limited is a health and wellness company, manufacturing mineral infused high-alkaline beverages and liquid concentrate with the proprietary Hydration Molecular Complex (HMC), using 100% natural, proprietary blends of organic fulvic and humic complexes mined from deep within the earth’s surface. Fulvic and humic minerals have rehydrating and detoxifying qualities that can inhibit free radicals and improve absorption of key nutrients. Follow EarthWater on social media @earthwaterhq.  EarthWater inquiries can be emailed to [email protected] or visit www.EarthWater.com.


About Bervann Capital:

Bervann Capital is an Investment Management & Consulting company with headquarters in New York.  Their consulting services include capital raising consulting and international trade consulting.  Management services focus on hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, investment banks sovereign funds, government backed investments, organizations and high-net-worth individuals.  www.bervanncapital.com



For More Information or to book CJ Comu for press, interviews or speaking engagements,

please contact: Kim Francis -Director Strategic Marketing, [email protected] or 469-713-7616

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